EXCLUSIVE: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards Talk Desert Trip




Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards joined the Jim Kerr Rock and Roll Morning Show Monday on New York's Classic Rock Station Q104.3 FM in separate calls to discuss the enormous Desert Trip festival they'll be headlining…


Just announced on May 3rd…the Desert Trip will mark the first time ever the Rolling Stones will have shared the stage with Bob Dylan…Paul McCartney…Roger Waters…Neil Young…and The Who…. 


Jagger says he's "excited for the historical significance of the festival"…but "as with any appearance the Stones make"…his "main concern is brick and mortar aspects of the show…what the stage will be like…what songs to play"… 

He says he's "seen Waters play The Wall"…but he "hasn't seen Paul McCartney perform in a number of years"…Jagger doesn't know what his schedule will be like the weekend of the Desert Trip…but he'll be prepared…he owns an RV…and so does Bob Dylan…


Richards says “the festival was in the works for a number of months and the Stones were among the first acts to commit to Desert Trip”…As for the historical significance of the show…he says “the Stones are just another band”…he's "more looking forward to seeing 'Bobby Dylan' again"…”Never are we all in the same place at the same time” he says of the other acts..."What a party it could be."


The fact that his Mick Jagger owns an RV is news to Richards…but he's also “prepared for the weekend from his years as a Boy Scout”…he says…”rubbing sticks together to make fire”…!

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