Rock Stars Show Off Art Today in 1980

July 19, 2016

On this day in 1980

The Vorpal Gallery in Laguna Beach - California

opens a new exhibit featuring paintings by

Joni Micthell - John Mayall - Klaus Voorman - Ron Wood

Cat Stevens - Klauss Voorman - Comander Cody


In Joni Mitchell’s song ''A Case of You''

she wrote and sang

''Oh I am a lonely painter...I live in a box of paints''


Joni Mitchell, John Mayall, Cat Stevens, Ron Wood and kLAUS vOORMAN

paintings and illustrations

have frequently designed their own album jackets


Joni Mitchell

''I sing my sorrow and I paint my joy

When you are writing

you need to have a kind of chaotic mind for stimulation

Painting is a completely different mental process

It completely clears my mind

until I get to the point where I have no thoughts

I get the same charge from juxtaposition of colors

as I do from juxtaposition of chords''


John Mayall

"In art you are total controller

It's a visual thing

You see the creation bit by bit

and you have the chance to correct and to build it"


Cat Stevens


Ron Wood



Klaus Voorman

Klauss designed the then-radical black and white cover

for The Beatles 'Revolver' LP

iT was ALSO featured in a show at the Oakland Museum’s 'Record Album Art'

kLAUS Voorman from the Manfred Mann Band is a renowned session artist

He also scored the film 'Popeye' with Harry Nilsson

Ringo Starr is an avid art collector and owns many of Voorman's pieces


Ron Wood constantly draws his famous friends

and captures their essences and likenesses

quite competently with colored pencils

'Belushi on Plane Killers' is one of Wood's best drawings


Commander Cody

aka George Frayne has a MFA and used to teach art in Michigan

As frontman for Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen

George's real talent lies in sculpture and painting


Joni Mitchell's two Paintings of Charlie Mingus are beautiful

'Charlie Down in Mexico' shows Mingus from behind

sitting in a wheelchair wearing a large sombrero


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