Dylan plugs in and plays an electric set for the first time at the Newport Folk Festival 51 years ago

July 25, 2016

Bob Dylan appeared At the Newport Folk Festival in July of 1965

On Saturday July 24, 1965

Dylan performed three acoustic numbers

"All I Really Want to Do"

"If You Gotta Go, Go Now"

"Love Minus Zero/No Limit"



On the night of Sunday July 25th

Dylan returns to the stage

Bob and his band Play an electric set for the first time

Horrifying folkies everywhere

The band that went on stage to back Dylan's debut electric set

included two musicians

who had played on his recently released single "Like a Rolling Stone"

Mike Bloomfield on lead guitar

Al Kooper on organ

Bandmates of Bloomfield's from the Paul Butterfield Blues Band

also appeared at Newport in Dylan's electric band 

bassist Jerome Arnold

drummer Sam Lay

Barry Goldberg on piano


Al Kooper has always argued

The boos were brought on by the short duration of Dylan's set

Not the fact that Dylan had gone electric

Kooper said

"The reason they booed is because he only played for fifteen minutes

when everybody else played for forty-five minutes or an hour

They were feeling ripped off

Wouldn't you?

They didn't give a shit about us being electric

They just wanted more"

Dylan appears to have believed the booing

represented disapproval of his new sound


Dylan commented after being asked

whether he was surprised the first time the boos came

"At Newport I did this very crazy thing

I didn't know what was going to happen

They certainly booed

I'll tell you that

You could hear it all over the place"



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