Belgian Adolphe Sax's latest 'Saxophone' invention gains legitimacy from France's army today in 1845

On this day in 1845


France's army gives legitimacy

to Belgian Adolphe Sax's latest invention the ‘saxophone’

by including it in their marching band.


A representation OF Adolphe Sax's

soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass saxophones

are on display in the National Music Museum

on the University of South Dakota's campus


The Belgian inventor Adolphe Sax

was the originator of the saxophone


as well as other musical instruments.


Adolphe Sax received his Saxophone patent in 1846

and won his gold medal at the Paris Industrial Exposition in 1849


Sax's workshop sold some 20,000 instruments

between 1843 and 1860

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