Peter Gabriel was the last performance of Woodstock ‘94

August 15, 2016

Peter Gabriel was the last performance

on the evening of Woodstock ‘94

Gabriel put on the best performance

both visually and musically


The crowd was a bit tired

They still cheered when Peter said

"this is your Woodstock, this is your mud"

The crowd chanted "In Your Eyes" at around 1:00am in the morning

with thousands and thousands of brightly-lit candles waving around

"All my instincts, they return

 The grand facade, so soon will burn

 Without a noise, without my pride

 I reach out from the inside"

       - - - Peter Gabriel, In Your Eyes

The flashing lights and the light patterns

created by his massive floating light projector

the steam coming out in front of the stage

and the entire field brightly lit due to the candles was a spectacular sight

The encore was a bit extended as the crowd chanted along to Biko

The daring and innovative performance

is the reason why Gabriel was the headliner for the entire show

Set List

Come Talk to Me

Quiet Steam


Shakin' the Tree

San Jacinto

Red Rain

Solsbury Hill

Digging in the Dirt


Secret World

In Your Eyes



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