Dick Cavett's Historic Woodstock Show Airs On TV Today in 1969

August 19, 2016

On Tuesday of August 19th in 1969
Dick Cavett's memorable 'The Woodstock Show'
Aired on TV
Jefferson Airplane
Joni Mitchell
David Crosby
Stephen Stills
Of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
all appeared on The Dick Cavett Show
It is now often referred to as "The Woodstock Show"
Many of the performers and Cavett's audience
came directly from the concert
for the taping the afternoon before the show aired
Stephen Stills pointed out
The mud from the concert venue was still on his pant leg
Jefferson Airplane's performance "We Can Be Together"
marked the first time the word "fuck" was uttered
on live television in the United States
The actual line is
'In order to survive
we steal, cheat, lie, forge, fuck, hide and deal'
'Up against the wall, Up against the wall, Motherfucker'
Joni Mitchell sang 'Chelsea Morning', 'Willy', and 'For Free'
Grace Slick kept calling Dick Cavett 'Jim'
Grace briefly talked about her school days at Finch College
Stephen Stills performed "4 + 20"
Joni Mitchell also sang 'The Fiddle and the Drum' a cappella
Jefferson Airplane with David Crosby
Launched into 'Somebody to Love'
The credits rolled as everybody aside from Mitchell
partook in an instrumental jam as the audience danced
Jimi Hendrix was scheduled to join the others

but was unable to appear at the afternoon taping

that occurred only a few hours after he'd performed

at the late-running Woodstock festival


Joni Mitchell's manager

apparently fearing a similar situation

That may have prevented her

from appearing on The Dick Cavett Show

Did not allow her to perform at Woodstock

He considered The Dick Cavett Show too important

for her career to risk missing the taping

Joni Mitchell wrote the song 'Woodstock'

based on descriptions by Graham Nash

and from the images she saw on television

as she could not be at the Woodstock Festival in person

The most famous version of the song

was recorded by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

It appears on their 1970 Déjà Vu album

Joni Mitchell recorded it

for her 1970 'Ladies of the Canyon' album


Joni Mitchell's Original Woodstock recording

appears in the film 'Woodstock'

During the closing credits



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