The Day Jimi Hendrix Launched 'Electric Lady Studios'

August 25, 2016

Jimi Hendrix opened Electric Ladyland Studios

at 52 West Eighth Street in New York City


Jimi Hendrix died a few months later

The studio lived on with many major acts recording there over the years


A 'launch party' on Aug. 26, 1970 for Electric Lady Studios

was meant to celebrate a high-tech facility

that set a new standard for recording studios

It ended up as farewell event for co-owner Jimi Hendrix


The following day after the launch

Jimi left for a performance in the U.K.

On September 18th

less than four weeks later

Hendrix died at age 27 in London

having never returned to a facility

in which he’d invested so much time and effort


Going back a bit

The basement space at 52 West 8th Street in Greenwich Village

became Electric Lady recording studios

It was the Generation Club and Hendrix loved to jam and hang out there


In 1968

Hendrix and manager Michael Jeffrey decided to buy the space

Hendrix’s plan was to continue to operate a nightclub

and build a small studio in the back to record live sessions


To revamp its look

Hendrix hired architect John Storyk

whose design of the futuristic Cerebrum Club impressed the guitarist

Hendrix’s audio engineer Eddie Kramer designed the sound system


Plans changed

Eddie Kramer walked down the stairs

into what will become Electric Lady

and said to the guys

“Are you crazy? You want to make a nightclub?

Get out of here.

This is nuts.

Let’s build Jimi a recording studio

We’ll make the best recording studio in the world”

Hendrix’s vision was to re-create the space with designer John Storyk

as two recording studios

Studio A and Studio B

Jimi also wanted lights to change and things to be soft and curvy white

Jimi Hendrix spent only four weeks recording in Electric Lady Studios

before his death


The studios have since been used by many notable artists

Erykah Badu


The Roots

Bob Dylan

John Lennon

Robert Plant

Larry Coryell

Ric Ocasek


Arcade Fire

David Bowie

The Clash


Guns N' Roses

Michael Stanley Band

The Strokes

Hall & Oates


Gwen Stefani

Blake Shelton

Daft Punk


Christina Aguilera



Patti Smith

Dan Auerbach

Lana Del Rey

Charly García

Sara Bareilles

and so many others




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