The Doors performed on American Bandstand this week in 1967

July 20, 2017

The Doors

performed on American Bandstand

this week in 1967


Jim Morrison – vocals

Ray Manzarek - keyboards

Robby Krieger – guitar

John Densmore - drums

The Doors performed

'The Crystal Ship' and 'Light My Fire'

which was just peaking on the charts


this was another lip-synced performance


After they performed “The Crystal Ship”

Dick Clark interviews the band

Memorable quotes came from this interview

when Dick Clark asked Ray Manzarek

to classify the type of music The Doors play:

“Well, it’s impossible really to put a label on it because of where we are in the music

Being on the inside

you’re only ‘of the music’

and all categories have to come from 'the outside'

Someone else

is going to have to say what our music is

rather than us

because we ARE our music”

The second quote came from Jim Morrison

when asked by Dick Clark 

“Why is so much happening

with the music scene in LA and San Francisco” ?

Jim replied: “The West is the best” !


Ray, Robbie, and John commented years later

Ray Manzarek 

“The funny thing is

I don’t even remember doing this show

I remember everything

but not the Dick Clark show

But man, those were the good old days

We were so young.”


Robby Krieger

“There were two ways

to make a hit record back then

You had to get on AM radio and you had to get on TV

American Bandstand

was the big rock and Roll show of the day

A little corny maybe

but it was the best thing we could get

going at the time

We were happy to do it”


John Densmore

“Dick Clark was an icon

even back then when we went to do his show

and so we were pretty excited to be on that.”





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