The Beatles owned and operated 'Apple Boutique'

July 30, 2017

The Beatles owned and operated 'Apple Boutique'

located at 94 Baker Street

in the Marylebone section of London


The Beatles gave 'The Fool' £100,000

to design and stock the boutique

with their garments and accessories


Several dozen art students were employed

to paint a psychedelic mural across the building's front 


"The concept of the boutique

was that absolutely everything was for sale

and a beautiful place

where beautiful people can buy beautiful things" 

Paul McCartney 


“Clive Epstein or some other such business freak

came up to us and said, 'You got to spend so much money or the tax'll take it. We're thinking of opening a chain of retail clothes,' or some barmy thing like that. And we were all muttering about, 'Well, if we're going to have to open a shop, let's open something we're interested in.' We went through all these different ideas about this, that and the other. Paul had a nice idea about opening up white houses where it would sell white china and things like that, everything white because you can never get anything white, which is pretty groovy. It didn't end up with that, it ended up with Apple, with all this junk and The Fool and all the stupid clothes and all that.”

John Lennon


The boutique was managed

by John Lennon's schoolfriend Pete Shotton

and Pattie Harrison's sister Jenny


Apple Boutique was a commercial failure

and closed within eight months


Shoplifting was thought to be the main problem

with customers and staff alike proving unwilling to pay


Paul, John, George, and Ringo

closed its doors after loses exceeding 200,000 Pounds

after just seven months in business


“We decided to close down our Baker Street shop

and instead of putting up a sign saying, 'Business will be resumed as soon as possible', and then auction off the goods, we decided to give them away. The shops were doing fine and making a nice profit on turnover. So far, the biggest loss is in giving the things away, but we did that deliberately. We're giving them away — rather than selling them to barrow boys — because we wanted to give rather than sell. We came into shops by the tradesman's entrance but we're leaving by the front door. Originally, the shops were intended to be something else, but they just became like all the boutiques in London. They just weren't our thingy. The staff will get three weeks' pay but if they wish they'll be absorbed into the rest of Apple. Everyone will be cared for ... All that's happened is that we've closed our shop in which we feel we shouldn't, in the first place, have been involved. Our main business is entertainment — communication. Apple is mainly concerned with fun, not with frocks. We want to devote all our energies to records, films and our electronics adventures. We had to re-focus. We had to zoom in on what we really enjoy, and we enjoy being alive, and we enjoy being Beatles.”

Paul McCartney


The night before closing Apple Boutique

The Beatles with their wives and girlfriends

came to take what they wanted


The next morning it was announced

all the remaining stock was to be given away

on the basis of one item per person

Word spread quickly and the shop was empty within hours


The public numbering in the hundreds

nearly rioted trying to get their share and police attended


"We ended up giving the contents away.

We put an ad in the paper.

We filmed people coming in and grabbing everything."

George Harrison




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