Pink Floyd's 40-foot inflatable pig made headlines today in 1976

December 4, 2017

It's a Spinal Tap moment today in 1976 for Pink Floyd

when during the photo shoot for their Animals album cover

a 40-foot inflatable pig being photographed

at Battersea Power Station broke free

The 40-foot balloon broke from its moorings on one of Battersea's southern chimneys and rose directly into the path of planes landing at Heathrow Airport

Pilots in the London area

were warned of a pig loose in the skies

Roger Waters and artist Aubrey Powell 

co-founder of the art group Hipgnosis

came up with the concept

of an inflatable pig floating

over Britain's iconic Battersea Power Station

All flights were grounded

Powell was arrested

even as police helicopters and the Royal Air Force

arrived to chase the pig

The pig reached a height of 18,000 feet

and eventually fell to the ground miles way in Kent

The cover shoot for Pink Floyd's Animals album

became one of their signature moments

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