John and Paul wrote She Loves You 55 years ago

June 26, 2018

On June 25th of 1963

John Lennon and Paul McCartney

began writing She Loves You on the tour bus

and continued later that night at their hotel in Newcastle, England

eventually completing it the following day

at Paul's family home in Forthlin Road, Liverpool

She Loves You set and surpassed several records

in the United Kingdom charts

and set a record in the United States

as one of the five Beatles songs

that held the top five positions in the charts simultaneously on April 4, 1964

Paul McCartney said years later..

"the initial idea for the song

began with Bobby Rydell's hit 'Forget Him' with its call and response pattern 

and that as often happens you think of one song when you write another...

I'd planned an 'answering song'

where a couple of us would sing 'she loves you'

and the other ones would answer 'yeah yeah'... 

We decided that was a crummy idea

but at least we then had the idea of a song called 'She Loves You'

So we sat in the hotel bedroom for a few hours and wrote it...

John and I were sitting on twin beds with guitars"

She Loves You was recorded on July 1st of 1963 

using a two-track recording machine in less than a week after it was written

In The Recording Studio

~ John Lennon – vocal, rhythm guitar

~ Paul McCartney – vocal, bass

~ George Harrison – harmony vocal, lead guitar

~ Ringo Starr – drums

~ George Martin – producer

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