The Day Ringo Starr Joined The Beatles

August 18, 2018

Only two days after Pete Best was fired

The Beatles performed their first official gig with new drummer Ringo Starr

The concert took place at Hulme Hall in Birkenhead

a ferry 'cross the Mersey away from Liverpool  on Aug. 18, 1962

Ringo Starr had been poached from Rory Storm and the Hurricanes

and was no stranger to The Beatles

Ringo met John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison

back in 1959 and occasionally sat in with them over the years

when Best was unable to make it

When discussion about firing Best began 

it was George Harrison who lobbied for Ringo 

"To me it was apparent... 

Pete kept being sick and not showing up for gigs

so we would get Ringo to sit in with the band instead

and every time Ringo sat in 

it seemed like 'this is it'...

Eventually we realized 

We should get Ringo in the band full time"

George Harrison

"We really started to think we needed the greatest drummer in Liverpool...

And the greatest drummer in our eyes was a guy Ringo Starr

who had changed his name before any of us

who had a beard and was grown up

and was known to have a Zephyr Zodiac" 

Paul McCartney

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